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Ding ding, Year 2!

Ah, it’s really good to be back at uni and so lovely to catch up with friends.  It’s funny though how the summer months seem to drag, but once you get the first week of classes out of the way it feels like you never left.  For those of us working at the uni over the summer though, we’ve all commented on how weird it is that the corridors are full of fellow students again and appreciate how the permanent members of staff feel when we all start piling into the campus in September.

It still feels a bit weird to be a second year student, but I’m getting used to it.  Already I’m feeling the weights and responsibilities starting to dangle from above, so I’m determined to keep on top of things this year and keep the extra curricular stuff to a minimum – I have a real problem with saying “No” sometimes!  Saying that, there’s already so much going on I’ve decided to make a bullet list, at the very least to remind me of what I’m meant to be doing:

In addition to all this, I’ve also got to find time for my family and studies – who’d be a mature student!


Last week was Freshers week, which was busy but really enjoyable.  Maria (the engineering student champion) and I worked the Connect Stand at the Freshers Fair and were really pleased with the amount of women stopping by for a chat and some freebies.  We also heavily promoted the group’s Welcome Event on the 13th of September, which seemed to have worked quite well judging by the amount of women who came along.  It was so heartening to see lots of existing students mingling with the newcomers, proving that our wee network is definitely growing.  I’m really looking forward to the next event, which should be even more fun with our new members.

2013-09-12 13.42.29

I also helped out at Aberdeen College‘s Freshers Fair on the 4th of September, which was really fun.  We got talking to lots of lovely people and gathered some new members for the group, plus the sun actually came out!  In Aberdeen!  This is the stuff of legend, folks.

Once more into the breach

It’s just occurred to me as I get to this point in my post that I really am good at keeping myself busy!  I don’t care though; I enjoy being involved in so many things and if it complements my studies then that’s even better.

Time to dig out the old textbooks and do some work, now that Visual Studio has finally stopped updating; Microsoft has a lot to answer for sometimes!  I’m so glad we had that mini break in Blackpool at the weekend, I’m going to need all the energy I can muster…

2013-09-14 11.50.31