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Mmmm, Pi…




Yesterday saw the latest arrival to the tech collection – the Raspberry Pi Model B.  We decided that we wanted to build a proper media server but the old PC is a tad on the bulky side and we have far too much clutter as it is, so decided to take the plunge with a Pi.

Setup was really easy, which was a case of setting Raspbian, the recommended OS, up on an SD card and putting it into the Pi.  If only all operating systems could be set up that way – I’m looking at you, Microsoft!  After the initial setup gubbins (which didn’t take long) I finally booted into the desktop and had a proper muckabout.  It’s a very smooth experience and the Pi is very responsive, although we had to swap the wifi keyboard and mouse for their USB cousins as the Pi doesn’t seem to like them.  That’s easily fixed though so I don’t consider that a disadvantage, although it is nice to be able to press a key without it repeating itself to infinity!

Buoyed over with her success with Marvin on the Transformer, my daughter wants to learn more programming.  Luckily with the likes of Scratch that’s going to be very easy – for those unfamiliar with the program, it offers a GUI method of programming and a simple, jigsaw like method for putting various parts of the program together.  The simplicity of it makes the learning process so much easier, plus the novelty of working on such a teeny computer will (hopefully) keep her interested.

Before she gets her grubby mitts on it properly though, I need to turn this baby into a media server.  A friend of mine sent over a great wiki using Ubuntu so I’m going to get my teeth stuck into that next week.  This will be extra fun as our router’s on its last legs – our ISP wants money for a replacement, which they can sing for, so I shall have fun wrestling with it instead as I attempt to set up a new device.  Game on!