Class tests and exams

Because I’m so rock and roll I’m spending my Saturday night revising for Monday’s networking class test.  I’ve successfully navigated three weeks of lecture notes and lab exercises so I think a cup of tea is in order before I tackle the rest of my notes.  Tea makes everything better and is good for you, hurray!

I must make a confession though; I don’t like class tests or exams.  I managed to get through my school exams and am proud of my Standard Grade and Higher results, but if there’s one method of assessment I don’t perform well in it’s the old closed book test.  When I am faced with one I tend to suffer from brain freeze; I know the material, I’m confident I’ll answer the questions well, but as soon as I sit down all my knowledge seems to run off and hide as I sit there desperately trying to remember what 2+2 makes or how many bits there are in a byte (the answers are four and eight respectively, ha!) while the clock ticks on.   I had a class test last week and didn’t do as well as I’d hoped (I still passed though, I’m not a total failure), but mind you, popping two co-codamol to soothe my poor back before the test probably wasn’t the brightest idea I’ve ever had…

I wish I knew why my brain does this to me though as I like to think I’m a good student.  I don’t spend my entire student loan on beer and Xbox games, I participate in lectures and lab discussions and revise like a madwoman before tests, but as soon as I sit down and turn that first page over everything I’ve worked hard to memorise and understand just…goes.  Sometimes I wonder if it’s because rote learning doesn’t work for every subject and some modules work better for students when they are asked to submit practical coursework, but then I wonder if it’s just me that suffers from memory wipe.  Is it just me, or does anyone else find themselves in the same predicament?

Ah well, wish me luck for Monday!

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