Happy Easter!


Yummy Easter cake


So it’s finally Easter and the sun has even decided to come out, huzzah!  Our Easter weekend has been great, full of sunshine, homemade Easter cake, chocolate and a hormonal pet rabbit (a real one, not the decoration).

It’s also great to get a breather from uni, although I’ve set myself the task of getting some coursework done and handed in a couple of weeks before the deadline.  I’m using this time to gather my thoughts for the final push towards the end of the semester and my first year so I can go out on a high.  I really can’t believe how fast this year has gone in!

My first year has been fantastic and I’ve learned an awful lot.  The main challenge has been getting used to full time study again whilst learning how to juggle study time with family time, which is pretty difficult but doable once I set myself some rules and boundaries.  It’s been a while since I was first at university (doing journalism – what was I thinking?!) so although I knew what to expect, it still takes some time to get back into the swing of student life.  Luckily I’ve had lots of support from my wonderful family and the teaching and faculty staff, plus all the various groups and events I’ve become involved with to support the 20-odd women in first year.

Although this year wasn’t plain sailing all the way through, I feel really good about my experiences from first year – good and bad – and am all set for second year.  I’m not resting on my laurels yet though as I still have two class tests and my coursework to go, but the way the first year has been planned has been a great way to ease back into full time study.  From the support of the staff to practical tutorials such as report writing, I’ve built a really great foundation in my first year on which to continue forward.

Finally, please wish me luck in the poster competition at the Lovelace Colloquium tomorrow!


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