New year, new beginnings

Happy 2013!  Now then, that’s the formalities over and done with so I’ll get cracking with introducing myself 😉

I’m a female computing student (yes, we do exist lads) at Edinburgh Napier University, currently in my first year of a BEng (Hons) Computer Systems and Networks degree.  I’m what is known as a mature student and have a wonderful husband and daughter, so although I don’t spend as much of my student loan on booze as my younger counterparts, I have still fully embraced university life and am thoroughly enjoying myself as an undergrad.

The idea of keeping a blog to accompany my studies was first suggested by a tutor, so in addition to creating a LinkedIn profile I decided that my blog will focus on my personal take of being one of the few female students in the School of Computing, especially those of us not studying design or business related subjects.  However, we are fortunate in that there is actually quite a strong female presence in our school, which is headed by the lovely Sally Smith, and we have the Connect group which invites the female students to regular meetings for coffee, guest speakers and general discussions.

It is strange to be a member of two minority groups.  By being both female and a mature student, I was very curious as to how I would be received by the more ‘traditional’ computing student; I’m sure I don’t need to paint a picture and so I don’t offend anyone, I won’t!  However, I’ve met some lovely folks and although the younger students generally have no idea what the oldies are talking about when we start to wax lyrical about BBC Micros and Spectrums, I like to think I get on well with most in my year.

Although I’m currently on holiday and the new semester doesn’t start for another week or so, I’m really looking forward to getting stuck in again.  The first semester saw most of the year taking the same modules, whereas this semester sees us starting on the more specialised modules relating to our degrees.  Sadly this means I won’t see as much of some of my friends as before, however it does mean that I will be spending more time with those on the same degree as myself.  It means I’ll be in an even smaller minority as I’m the only female on my degree course and that will be strange, but that’s the world of computing for you!

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