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I’m a thirtysomething geek who at the encouragement of my lovely husband decided to turn my love of tinkering and dismantling things into a career and am now the proud owner of a BEng in Computer Systems and Networks, courtesy of Edinburgh Napier University.  In addition to being the university’s Student Champion for Connect, I was also Student Ambassador and programme rep.

A lover of all things that go beep, I am an avid music fan and have been involved with the Edinburgh Hospital Broadcasting Service since 2002.  Other hobbies and interests include cooking, gaming, F1, telly, films and reading.

I’m also the mother of the daftest small child in the world, but I wouldn’t swap her for the world.  She’s already a geek in training and we need more like her in the world, so I’m pleased that she’s already got a head start!

3 thoughts on “About Tracey

  1. Dara

    hello Tracey.. I am happy to come across a fellow techy, not afraid to voice her opinion about our passion of technology, gadgets and innovation.
    I just wish to add, that Microsoft releasing a ‘pink’ cover for our Surface is giving a broader choice, rather than limiting ourselves to the boring typical colors we have been used to. I am not sure why you would belittle someone from appreciating the technology but also allowing you to add a bit of style to your choice.
    I just would hope u would have an open mind, that when women or companies push to appeal to women with colour or style, it doesn’t belittle our intelligence, rather show how influential as a group we can be towards the economy and buying power..
    good luck with your studies.. with your passion, I am sure you will be successful.


  2. Donald

    Hi Tracey.

    Welcome to the the team…. We are very excited to have you joining our merry band of geeks. See you in a few weeks.



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